Issue 11 and Volume 43.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING It must not be forgotten that, while Cleveland, Ohio, is being universally declared responsible for the Collinwood disaster, that city is in no way directly or indirectly to be blamed for it. Coilinwood was at best a suburb of Cleveland, being d’stant some ten miles from it and a separate municipality with its own school government—whether good or bad. It bad its own fire department, such as it was—volunteer, of course, and, therefore, hard to be got together when the emergency arose, poorly equiped, especially in the essential detail of ladders and utterly unable to cope with a fire of such magnitude. There was no obligation on the part of Cleveland to send any assistance; but it was sent as soon as ever it was asked for, and the drivers of the apparatus spared neither themselves nor their horses in the hope of being able to…

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