Fire Department of Yonkers.

Issue 11 and Volume 43.

Fire Department of Yonkers. The area of the city of Yonkers, N. Y., is 21 sq. miles. It contains a population of 61,716 and 10,326 buildings, some of which are very large manufacturing establishments. To protect these buildings, their contents and their occupants, the city has both a paid and a volunteer fire department. The former consists of the following: Chief; first assistant chief; second assistant chief; clerk; surgeon; telegraph lineman; twelve captains; eleven lieutenants; 59 firemen. The volunteer foice comprises the following: Four hose companies; hose and chemical company; hook and ladder and hose company. The apparatus is as under; Sixty-five ft. aerial hook and ladder truck; two city trucks; three double-tank chemicals; four single-tank chemicals; two hose wagons; business wagon; three chiefbuggies; village truck (in reserve.) The above are drawn by horses. The apparatus drawn by hand is the following: Thirty-five gal double tank chemical engine; village truck;…

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