Chief Hale on Dangers of Fire Fighting.

Issue 11 and Volume 43.

Chief Hale on Dangers of Fire Fighting. No city, not even New York, enjoys a mono_____oly in the way of brave firemen. The trouble is, so little is published about their achievements. But, then, firemen and fire chiefs, as a rule, do not boast themselves of their deeds of heroism and their narrow escapes from death in the performance of their duty. On the contrary, they rather blush to find their fame, “such doings being all their days work and some of these never absolutely resist being made the subjects of newspaper notoriety. Every now and then, however, such is their lot, and now George C. Hale, former chief 1 the Kansas City, Mo., fire department, figures, however reluctantly, in rehearsing some narrow escapes from death. More than once he has been given up as dead when falling walls have crashed down apparently upon him. In 1881, for instance, the…

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