The Catskiil Watershed Police Force.

Issue 11 and Volume 43.

The Catskiil Watershed Police Force. The New York Tribune points out that all that is needed for the adequate policing of the Catskiil watershed is a “moderate-sized but vigilant force.” It adds that if the water supply of New York, which is being secured at so great a cost and is of so inestimable importance to the public health, is to be adequately protected something more than the creation of a police force, however vigilant, will be needed. That force will have to be endowed with adequate powers, and there must also be some revision or amplification of the laws which will give the city fuller authority over its own water supply and over the region from which it is drawn. * * * There will, of course, be no need of any such army of police as some have unwarrantably suggested. Two or three dozen will be needed at…

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