Issue 11 and Volume 43.

METERAGE. The town council of Hyattsville, Md., has instructed that bids for meters be advertised. The report of the water department of Leominster, Mass., states that of a total of 2,714 services 1,391 are metered. Last year 176 meters were set. There are over 6,000 Trident meters in Newark, N. J., and the board of public works commissioners has awarded the contract to the Neptune Meter company for the same brand of meters for the year 1908. Like all places of a similar size as Hancock, Mich., there is some opposition to the expenditure of $ $15000 for meters. The people, however, arc not aware that it is more than probable that the change from a flat rate will be to their advantage. The charge for a 5/8-in. meter, and setting, at Tremont, Neb., is only $13.50, yet the people think this charge too high. The water commissioner says that…

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