Issue 13 and Volume 43.

A PECULIAR FILTRATION BILL Report of Hearing Before Legislature Committee at Albany. On March 17, the public health committee of the New York State assembly held a hearing on Draper bill No. 285, a copy of which accompanies this article. This hearing was well attended by the opponents of the measure-there being about thirty-five representatives from water companies and cities throughout the State, was opened by Mr. Edwin C. Smith, attorney for the Rochester and Lake Ontario Water company, Rochester, N. Y., who spoke on the legal side of the bill, showing the committee that, under the present health laws, the local boards of health could complain of the water supplies, and that the State board then acts, and if it finds conditions which are bad, it can order the installation of filter plants and other improvements. He also called attention to the fact that, as the State board had…

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