Issue 13 and Volume 43.

THE BRIDGEPORT FIRE DEPARTMENT Specially written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. The Bridgeport, Conn., fire department has a very ancient and interesting history-more interesting, perhaps, than any other city in the State. As early as September, 1796, it is recorded that a fire committee of the village of Newfield was formed to purchase an engine, buckets and other appliances for the protection of the port from fire. The committee was composed of Daniel Youngs, John S. Cannon and Lambert Lockwood. The amount raised was $377.33. In May, 1797, an application was made to the general assembly for authority to appoint twenty-five persons to conduct and work the said fire engine and that such persons he exempt from military duty and granted. Permission was also given to the company to frame its byelaws. In July, 1798, John S. Cannon was elected foreman of the company, and the full list of members…

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