Gas Arc Lamp Hazard.

Issue 13 and Volume 43.

Gas Arc Lamp Hazard. Quite a serious fire hazard exists in mercantile and manufacturing risks wherein gas arc lamps are used for lighting purposes. These gas arc lamps will be found in almost every town and city having a public gas lighting plant, and the lamps in question will be found principally in mercantile establishments. They consist of a cluster of three, four and five burners, within a glass globe, are fed from one gas-supply inlet, the bottom part of the lamp being open. The burners are of a large-sized nature with a Welsbach or similar type of incandescent gas mantle. Investigation develops that due either to a superheated condition of the mantle or the age of the same, from time to time while burning these mantles throw off a fine hot carbon or composition Substance which drops through the bottom of the lamps and is apt to ignite any…

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