Water Pollution North of New York.

Issue 13 and Volume 43.

Water Pollution North of New York. A correspondent in Oswego, N. Y., writes that the “State authorities hope, if not to put down, at least to lessen water pollution by forbidding the discharge of sewage into the Oswego river by any fresh outlet, until it has been subjected to ‘preliminary treatment’-a provision that will apply to every tributary of that river and all lakes in the watershed. This preliminary treatment will embrace the removal of all solid suspended matter and the prevention of all unpleasant smells or anything that is offensive, in the neighborhood of those points into which the discharge is made. The discharge so treated and the offensive smells that are abolished that permeate the water must not be allowed to llow only into any lakes that do not furnish public supplies. In the case of those waters that are main tributaries of the Oswego river and form…

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