Condition of the Paterson Fire Department.

Issue 13 and Volume 43.

Condition of the Paterson Fire Department. The fire department organisation at Paterson, N. J., under Chief John Stagg, remains the same as last year, as does the equipment, except that a new second-size engine has been placed in service; three combination wagons have been 01dered and the combination chemical and truck have been rebuilt and are now drawn by three horses. Two of the engines in service are not modern ones; that at No. 3 should be placed in reserve and a new one purchased; 3,000 ft. of 2½. hose and 2,coo of 3-in. have been purchased and pm in service-making a total amount of 21,075 t., of which 3,200 ft. of 2½. are in bad condition. Chief Stagg recommends that 1,000 ft. of 3-in. and 4,000 of 2j4-in. should be bought; also, that ten horses he purchased at once, so as to have four alwavs in reserve; that an…

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