Pumping Machinery at Waltham.

Issue 14 and Volume 43.

Pumping Machinery at Waltham. Last year Waltham, Mass., contracted with the Platt Iron Works company of Dayton, Ohio, for a pumping engine of the cross-compound, crank and flywheel type, 22 x 48 x 15, and a H. T. boiler, 72-in. x 17 ft. to carry 160 lb. steam. The builders of the pumping machinery already installed were Barr and Worthington. The coal consumed during the year amounted to 1,673,880 lb. The total pumpage for the year was 829,251,948 gal., without allowance for slip; average static liead against which pump works, 182 ft.; average dynamic head, 205 ft.; number of gallons pumped per pound of equivalent coal, 500; duty, 90,140,773 ; cost of pumping, figured on (lumping station expenses, $8,768.28; 1,000,000 gal. pumped, $10.58; 1,000,000 gal. raised 1 ft. (dynamic), $0,051. The estimated population at date is 27,000; on lines of pipe, 27,41×1; supplied, 27,31×1; total consumption for the year, 829,251,948…

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