Issue 14 and Volume 43.

METERAGE. Waltham, Mass., has an expensive pumping plant to maintain. Yet there is only nine per cent, of its supply metered. There are 3,710 service-taps in use, of which ninety-three were added last year. The per-capita daily consumption is 81.7 gal. W. H. Richards, engineer and superintendent, New London, Conn., says: “A change in the meter rate and rules authorised the setting of a large number of meters, and the placing of these is now in progress—only seventy-eight remaining to be set. The total number in use is 509, and the number of services, 3,969.” The committee on finance, supplies and betterments at Saginaw, Mich., to which was referred that portion of the mayor’s message relating to water meters, recommended that the matter be referred to the board as a committee, to include in the estimates for the next fiscal year an amount for the purchase of meters. Buffalo has…

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