Consumption of Water at New London.

Issue 14 and Volume 43.

Consumption of Water at New London. During the past year from September 1, 1907, to August 31, 1908, the consumption of water at New London, Conn., was largely increased, being 993,517,328. As the rainfall for the year amounted to 43.65 in.—about 6 in. below the average and more than 7 in. less than that of the preceding year, this increase during a season so dry as that of the year under consideration, was expected to a certain extent. Much of it, however, might have been prevented bv more rational use of water for streetsprinkling purposes and watering of lawns. By pitometer measurement the maximum draught observed was 3,230 gal. per minute; the minimum, 1,190 gal.; the average daily draught for the year, 2,721.900 gal., of which 20,522,000 gal. must be set down to the high service—a large increase. About 31 per cent, of the entire consumption was supplied through meters.…

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