Dublin Firefighting.

Issue 15 and Volume 43.

Dublin Firefighting. What would be looked upon as at most a medium loss by fire on this side of the Atlantic is regarded as serious in Dublin, and where a fire of $250 over here would practically escape notice, in the Irish metropolis, it is quoted as a medium loss. Hence the total loss that Dublin suffered in 1907—$288,035—is adverted to, as if it were something very terrible, whereas, in New York and other large cities one fire not infrequently causes a loss of dose upon the same amount. The whole of the property exposed to loss in Dublin last year was valued at $4,855,460. The whole year’s loss, therefore, as compared with the value exposed to risk, speaks well, not only for the ability of the city’s firemen in the way of fighting fire, but, also, for the fire-resistant type of building adopted there— something American cities have yet…

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