Sprinklered Risks in Chicago.

Issue 15 and Volume 43.

Sprinklered Risks in Chicago. There are 436 sprinklered risks in Chicago, of which eighty-four have non-board equipments and twenty-one, non-creditcd equipment. Twenty-six new equipments are now under contract, and twelve are undergoing improvements. There were fifty-three fires during 1907 operating the sprinklers, with only four failures. The total losses in sprinklered risks for 1907 were $64,543. The largest loss in any one fire was $19,493 in the publishing house of M. A. Donohue & Co., the fire originating in an unsprinklered portion adjoining and gaining such headway through firedoors left open that the sprinkler-tanks in the equiped portion were drained. Of the 436 sprinklered equipments in Chicago ninety-eight have supervisory service: 132 have sprinkler-valve alarms; and 172 have automatic fire-alarms. A fire at Gainesville, Tex., destroyed the centre of the business block and caused a loss of about $150,000.

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