Issue 15 and Volume 43.

SERIOUS PIER FIRE IN MANHATTAN At about 1 o’clock a. m. on March 30, a fire of formidable dimensionbroke out under the contraction pier of the new Manhattan bridge on the Manhattan side and spread to pier No. 32, occupied by the Joy line. The blaze started under the construction pier and had evidently been burning for quite a long time before the watchman, who had several times caught the smell of smoke discovered the reflection of the flames in the water. The top of the construction pier, which stretched out from the shore to the high steel tower of the new bridge, was covered with 8-in. asphalt and q of pitch, to give an even and strong base for heavy vehicles used in drawing steel pieces for the structure. Beneath this the fire started. The pier of the Joy line, built of massive timbers held together with great spikes,…

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