Standing of Ohio and Its Fire Protection.

Issue 15 and Volume 43.

Standing of Ohio and Its Fire Protection. State Fire Marshal Creamer, of Ohio, estimates the annual fire waste in that State at $7,000,000— “nearly all of which is preventable.” He points out, however, that the losses in Ohio are becoming less every year, having fallen thirty-six and one-half per cent, in eight years, while the amount at risk has nearly doubled in the same time. “This enormous reduction in the proportion of loss to the amount at risk (he adds) should be credited to increased efficiency of fire departments, better waterworks, scientific examination of large risks by inspection bureaus, improved building codes, methods and materials, the introduction of natural gas and the efficiency of a well-supported fire marshal department. The losses of insurance companies arc little more than half the actual loss. Insurance men, when asked what proportion of the value of the property in the United States is covered…

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