Breaks in Water Mains.

Issue 15 and Volume 43.

Breaks in Water Mains. Fire underwriters have recently been interested in noting the frequency of many bad breaks in water mains. The following instances were noted casually within a year, and are not the result of searching investigation, nor do they include the numerous minor breaks occurring daily: A 20in. main broke at Akron, Ohio, and shut off all water for twenty-four hours. A 42-in. main broke at Detroit, Mich., making the fifth large break in that city within a year. Two large mains broke at Indianapolis, causing considerable property loss. A large main broke at Pittsburg and was the direct cause of a $200,000 fire-loss. Several large mains broke at Cincinnati during the flood and coincident with the Lawson fire. A 24-in. main broke in that city at another time. The streets in Boston were flooded to a depth of 4 ft. by a break in a 20-in. main…

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