New Jersey Fire News.

Issue 15 and Volume 43.

New Jersey Fire News. The annual report of the Newark fire department shows it to be in firstclass condition. The force consists of 353 officers and men—242 being privates. There were 1,048 alarms of fire during the year—seventy-two more than in 1907. Of these thirteen were second alarms; two, third; 292, still. The department received $542,902.05, and spent $540,873, of which $418,235 went for salaries. One hundred and twenty-four hydrants were set during the year—making a total of 2,705 set in the city.—The appointment to the position of battalion chief in the Newark department, is still vacant. Unfortunately, politics appear to have entered into the question. Captain Exall, of truck No. 8, who has an unblemished record and has been nearly thirty years in the service, has shown himself an able fireman and has acted as battalion chief in the absence of Battalion Chief Sloan. He is a Republican in…

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