Facts About Winnipeg.

Issue 15 and Volume 43.

Facts About Winnipeg. Winnipeg, Man., is one of the wonder cities of the world. Easily within the recollection of the present generation it was more or less a mere geographical expression, but during the last twenty-five years it has come forward with such a rush that, politically, ecclesiastically and commercially, it may well be looked upon as the metropolis of the Canadian Northwest—a position the city is likely to maintain in the face of all the fierce competition of its neighbors with which it lias to contend. Its area is 13,990 acres; its population, 100,000: public parks, 315 acres; assessed value of these parks, $287,000; number of building permits issued last year. 3,503; value of Midi permits, $12,736,250; arc lights for street lighting, 135; incandescent lights for the same purpose, eighty-one; fire-alarm boxes (public, 135. private, twelve), 147; sewers—many of them concrete—-141.558 miles, of which 26.314 were constructed in 190(1;…

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