Issue 17 and Volume 43.

NEW YORK STATE FIRE NEWS The Buffalo city council has appropriated $1,800 to pay the salary of a fire marshal and allowed the purchase of a $1,000 automobile for the assistant chief. The lire marshal will have to inspect and report upon buildings in the city.— Col. D. Isaacs, fire commissioner of Niagara Falls, N. Y., had a narrow escape from being seriously injured last week. In responding to alarm No. 314. Chief Utz dashed down Main street with Commissioner Isaacs close behind him in his “red devil” automobile. In swinging round the curve at Pierce avenue the chief’s horse threw a shoe. It flew from the hoof with great speed and just grazed the auto cap of the colonel, who was bending low over the steering wheel. A few inches nearer and the shoe would have crushed in the commissioner’s skull.—At White Plains, on April 16, one of the…

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