Oklahoma Water Supply.

Issue 19 and Volume 43.

Oklahoma Water Supply. At Oklahoma City, Okla., where the city’s supply is obtained from the Canadian river, the municipal laboratory authorities have reported as the cost of softening the water. The water is hard, containing, as it does, from 11 to 14 grains of “hardness” per gallon. This hardness is mostly permanent and is caused by calcium sulphate in quantity 9 to 11 grains per gal. The temporary hardness is caused by calcium carbonate and mag nesia carbonate in quantity 2 to 3 grains per gal. One gallon of river water contains 10 grains of calcium sulphate and 3 of calcium carbonate. One thousand gallons of river water contains 10,000 grains of calcium sulphate and 3,000 of calcium carbonate. The cost of treating 1,000 gal. is two cents for soda ash and one-half cent for lime, or a total of two and one-half cents. Edward A. McClintock has been appointed…

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