Jersey City Water Contract.

Issue 19 and Volume 43.

Jersey City Water Contract. The New York and New Jersey Water company (a branch of the East Jersey Water company and owing allegiance to it) which supplies Bayonne with water, has filed a bill in Chancery to compel specific performance by the mayor and aldermen of Jersey City of a contract entered into on December 30, 1902. This contract provided for a mutual exchange of water by Jersey City and the New York and New Jersey Water company in the event of breaks in the mains of either or other exigencies which might cut off the water supply. It is charged that since about October, 1905, Jersey City has not been complying with its oart of the contract: but that, on the contrary, its mayor and aldermen have been combining with various persons and conspiring to defraud the complainant corporation from enjoying the advantages of its contract. It is alleged…

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