Pumps for Fire Protection.

Issue 19 and Volume 43.

Pumps for Fire Protection. Owners of property in congested districts who install a good system for fire protection perform a public service. They not only protect themselves, thereby securing decreased insurance rates, but help the adjoining property by lessening the exposure hazard. Good protection requires high pressure in supply. If high pressure is not furnished by the waterworks system, it must be produced by individual fire-pumps in the building, before the water can be effectively applied for extinguising purposes. The policy of Underwriters and municipalities is unmistakably tending towards the reduction of fire-hazards by adopting these improvements in the protection of buildings, The large fire-losses that now occur are being recognised as an intolerable drain on the resources ot the public and must be reduced by all reasonable means. In many works of a permanent nature, such as a city waterworks system, wi.t… is constantly undergoing enlargement anu cA.ensions, a…

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