Worthington Turbine Meter.

Issue 19 and Volume 43.

Worthington Turbine Meter. The Turbine meter manufactured by Henry R. Worthington is of the velocity or current type. It is built largely along the lines of the well known Worthington turbine pump, and differs from the ordinary inferential meter in that it is fitted with a double wheel carrying two sets of vanes, the water coming on the wheel from both sides and thus securing an absolute water balance, eliminating all end thrust. This not only reduces friction and wear, but it does away with all forms of roller or collar hearings which are commonly employed to take up thrust, and which are a constant source of annoyance. As will be seen from the sectional cut, the moving parts of the meter may be at once lifted out for examination and cleaning when the cover has been removed, and that the separate slide strainer can also be gotten at through…

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