Elevated Tank for High Localities.

Issue 19 and Volume 43.

Elevated Tank for High Localities. In a large number of places it is found necessary to construct elevated tanks to furnish sufficient pressure for fire protection and domestic water supply. This system has been proved not only economical, but highly effective, and it invariably affords a considerable saving in the pumping account. When an elevated tank is filled there is ample pressure always on hand to meet most emergencies for ordinary fire protection, and the convenience of having this pressure, night and day, must certainly commend the tank system to all places where such conditions do not prevail. The illustration shows a tank erected by the Chicago Bridge and I ron Works at Homestead, Fa. I t has a capacity of 250.000 gal. and was constructed to furnish water for fire protection to that porlion of the city situated on the highest elevation. There is a reservoir close to the…

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