Fire-Drills and Fire Protecton for Schools.

Issue 19 and Volume 43.

Fire-Drills and Fire Protecton for Schools. The Gamewell Auxiliary Fire-Alarm company has published a pamphlet on the above subjects, which, after referring to the methods now being adopted for facilitating exit from public and parochial schools throughout the country in case of fire or panic and adverting to the various means of fire protection employed for each purpose, points out that the “best authorities on this subject are agreed that no better plan for safe-guarding the lives of the pupils has been devised than that of a carefully planned and conscientiously observed system of fire drills,” which “should take place at intervals of sufficient frequency to give them the significance of a regular school function. * * * The system should be carefully thought out, conscientiously lived up to and recognised as an institution of the school, just as much as recitations. Smoke drills, obstacle drills, drills at unexpected times,…

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