Convention of Ohio Fire Chiefs.

Issue 24 and Volume 43.

Convention of Ohio Fire Chiefs. Chief Samuel Hunter, of Springfield, where the Ohio State Fire Chiefs’ association will meet on July 28, 29 and 30, in a letter addressed to bis fellow chiefs says: “It is our idea to establish precedents in more ways than one, by this assemblage. Most important of all (we realise) is the interchange of ideas and the promotion of general knowledge in the management of our profession. To this end essays have been provided, dealing with the more scientific and technical (the practical) branches of firefighting and prevention, and these essays (I will assure .you) will imbody the very latest ideas and experiences of the foremost experts we can obtain. This feature, together with the opportunity of personal meeting and exchange of ideas with the men who are at the head of our profession, I believe will most appeal to you. In addition, I am…

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