Water Rates to be Lowered at Topeka.

Issue 24 and Volume 43.

Water Rates to be Lowered at Topeka. On July 1 the waterworks board of Topeka, Kan., will introduce a new schedule of water rates for those having meters, the flat rates remaining undisturbed. The reductions will vary from 10 to 15 per cent., depending upon the amount of water consumed. The greater reduction will be made to those who use a small supply of water and will grade off to the heavy consumers where there is not so much profit to the city. The big plants which use thousands of gallons of water daily will probably not have the rate on which they are based disturbed—if any reduction is made, it will be very light, as the commissioners claim that the board makes only a bare profit on that class of water-takers, and it the present rate were 10 per cent, in the favor of such consumers, it would be…

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