New Jersey Water News.

Issue 25 and Volume 43.

New Jersey Water News. A Chancery decree has been signed based on the court’s opinion filed on May 1, in the suit brought by Jersey City against the Jersey City Water Supply company, to compel an abatement of the contract price, on account of certain alleged defects in the municipality’s new water supply system. The decree directs the water company to convey the water supply system upon payment of the contract price of $7.595.ooo, less certain deductions. The sum of $51×1,000 is to be retained by Jersey City in accordance with the terms of the contract pending a final settlement of the question of the water-rights of the Morris Canal and Banking company. The sum of $25,000 is to be retained until it is adjusted whether the 72-in. main under the Hackensack river has been laid according to contract. The sum of $18,500 is to be deducted because the invert…

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