The Lexington Fire Department.

Issue 25 and Volume 43.

The Lexington Fire Department. In his message to the city council of Lexington, Ky., Mayor Skain, adverts to the fire department in the following terms: “The public does not object to paying liberally for fire protection, but the public expects from the fire department results adequate to the outlay on that account. If we keep this department up to the required standard, there must be no slack in the vigilant discipline of the department, or lack of means to keep it efficient.” The question seems to be not as to the efficiency of the fire department, whose work during the past year was conspicuously excellent, but as to the readiness and willingness of the city authorities to keep the department up to the required standard. Not by any means for the first time Chief W. A. Jesse calls attention to the necessity of better protection for the city and for…

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