The Public Indifference to Conflagration.

Issue 1 and Volume 44.

The Public Indifference to Conflagration. President Clarence E. Porter of the Spring Garden Insurance company, of Philadelphia considers that “conflagrations are bound to continue, unless the people of this country can be stirred to sufficient interest in the continued enormous and ever-increasing fire-waste, and a realising sense that every particle of property so destroyed is an actual depletion and an enormous drain upon the wealth of this country; that no country, except a careless nation like our own, could stand it, and it is becoming a serious question how long even this prosperous nation can do so and then apply the remedy to prevent their recurrence. Once thoroughly aroused, the remedies are neither impossible nor beyond reach. Ideal conditions are one thing. Practical application of proper safeguards to the conditions as they exist is what is needed, and they may be summarised, at least in part, as follows: Reduction of…

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