The Waterworks Department at Minneapolis.

Issue 1 and Volume 44.

The Waterworks Department at Minneapolis. During the past year there were made at Minneapolis, Minn., 2,602 taps on the city water mains; 4,129 new meters were set—104 replacing old meters. Since 1903 there have been added over 57 miles of water mains and the city has at least 7,000 more consumers. Notwithstanding this large increase, there were pumped 300,000,000 gal. less water during the past year than in 1904, the first year that the new pumps at station No. 4 were in use. There are now 30,777 accounts with water consumers, of which 22,418 are for water supplied by meter. In 1907, there were 6,420,027,030 gal. of water pumped, as against 6,426,708,815 in 1906, the cost being $58,784.07, as aginst $61,235.49 in the preceding year. The cost per 1,000,000 gal. was $9.15 as against $9.52 in 1906. The average cost of all coal purchased during the year was $2.34 per…

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