Issue 1 and Volume 44.

PORT CHESTER SWEPT BY FIRE On Monday, June 22, Port Chester, N. Y., suffered from the effects of a very disastrous fire, by which a whole business block, with a tenement house, a church, several small stores, a garage, two warehouses full of valuable property, and a dwellinghouse were burned; forty families wdre rendered homeless; and a loss of $500,000 was incurred. The block was bounded by Irving avenue, Broad street and Westchester avenue, within whose limits the flames were confined. The fire started in the Burns livery building, into which the hose was at first earned. The three men, who had charge of it, brought it into the freight elevator, intending to raise it to the fourth floor and there connect it with a standpipe. They were unable to stop the elevator at that point, and it shot up to the flames which were burning fiercely above and ascended…

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