Water Litigation.

Issue 1 and Volume 44.

Water Litigation. At Hamilton, Ont., W. H. Duff has obtained a mandatory writ of injunction against the city on behalf of the township of Barton and certain private parties. Its intention is to force the city to carry out an agreement made in 1903, when a portion of Barton was annexed to the city, whereby the city was to supply residents of Barton with water, if they were on the line of a main, or within a reasonable distance therefrom, and to charge them not more than 50 per cent, more than the water rates paid by the people of Hamilton. The injunction is to secure the specific performance of the agreement. It asks for the determining ot what is a reasonable distance, and rate to be paid; also, what is a reasonable rate to be paid by Barton residents for sewer-connections. The writ also asks for the setting aside…

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