Issue 1 and Volume 44.

METERAGE. Ware, Mass., with an estimated population of 8,395 supplied out of 8,594, consumed 139,877,-290 gal. of water, of which 94,320,217—66.9 per cent.—passed through meters last year. At Salem, Ohio, an arrangement has been come to between the local water board and the water company by which the meter rate of 33 1/2 cents per 1,000 gal. has been agreed upon instead of 40 cents as before. Salem, Mass., has 202 meters in service, none, however, in private houses, all in stores, factories, courthouses, schoolhouses, railway works and station restaurants, stables, theatres, etc. Sixteen were placed last year. The service board of Cincinnati, Ohio, has passed a resolution to place all hydraulic elevators on meter. It is believed the board will now compel the use of meters on premises having washing machines, used for lodging or boarding houses and laundries. These are several steps in the gradual introduction of the…

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