Water Rates.

Issue 1 and Volume 44.

Water Rates. McKEESPORT, PA. DWELLINGHOUSES.—One family—first faucet, $5; each additional, $2.50; Bathtub. $4; each additional, $3; selfacting watercloset, $4; additional, $3; continuous flowing hopper watercloset, $20; two or more families in dwellinghouses using same faucet, each family, $5; two or more families using same bathtub, first family, $4; each additional family, $3; two or more families using the same pan or selfacting watercloset, first family, $4; each additional family, $3; watercloset, continuous flow, $20. Boardinghouses.—Family rates upon all fixtures and, in addition thereto, for from four to eight boarders, $4; over eight boarders, $6; bathtub used by boarders, $3; watercloset, pan or selfacting, $3; urinals, $4. STORES, OFFICES, etc.—Not requiring an unusual supply of water, without hose, first faucet, $4. DRUG Stores.—First faucet, $8; each additional, $4. Bakeries.—One faucet, $8; without fixtures, 6. FISH, MEAT MARKETS OR Shops.—hirst faucet, $10; each additional, $5. RESTAURANT, DINING AND AIX OTHER SALOONS. —First…

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