The Water Supply of Nashville.

Issue 1 and Volume 44.

The Water Supply of Nashville. In his inaugural address the mayor of Nashville, Tenn., spoke of the water supply as being, though “not wholly bad,” yet, “under suspicion,” as was shown by the abnormally large number of typhoid fever cases that recurred at certain seasons of the year, calling for the erection of a filtration plant, or for pure water to be obtained from some mountain stream, where a pumping plant might be erected and a gravity supply furnished. If such a stream could be found, the question of the city’s water supply would be solved for all time. The geological conditions are altogether against an artesian supply.” The reservoir (the message points out) is in good condition, and, with some exceptions, the water mains are equal to any pressure that may be placed upon them. The weak points are probably some of the old 36-in. mains leading from the…

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