Destructive Factory Fire at Providence.

Issue 1 and Volume 44.

Destructive Factory Fire at Providence. Correspondence of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. A destructive factory fire at Providence, R. I., destroyed two large buildings at Charles and Cross streets, North End. The two buildings, which joined each other in the form of a cross, were constructed of brick and iron and were 1-story high. One was 900 x 90 ft. and about 23 ft. high; the other, 390 x 48 ft. 67 1/2 ft. wide at one end and 48 ft. at the other, Neither was equiped with sprinklers, and the 900-ft. building was about forty years old, the other, about one year. The fire broke out in the 900-ft. building or in the adjoining boilerroom, and. when the first piece of apparatus arrived, almost one-half of its whole length was ablaze, with the flame showing from most of the windows. Four engines, three hose wagons, five combination chemical and hose…

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