New York State Water News.

Issue 1 and Volume 44.

New York State Water News. The board of estimate of New York city has unanimously voted to approve the maps and plans for the new $47,173,000 water system to be constructed for bringing water from Suffolk county, a distance of 73 miles, to the Ridgewood reservoir, Brooklyn. The millionaires along the south shore at Islip, Sayville, Amityville and other points, and Senator Burr, of Burr bill fame prohibiting as illegal the city from entering Suffolk county for water, have vigorously protected against the scheme, on the plea that the system would ruin many of their show-places. The State board of water supply must approve the scheme, whose cost, of course, will be altogether apart from that of the Catskill system. If the State board approves (and the millionaires will go before it to oppose the scheme), the local board of water supply, of which John A. Benscl is the head,…

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