Issue 1 and Volume 44.

THE TRUCKEE-CARSON DAM THREATENED In Nevada, as in Holland, mice must be exterminated, if possible, or at least have their operations most carefuly guarded against, if the safety of some very costly and important hydraulic works is to be assured. Of the works thus menaced in the big Truckee-Carson diversion dam, whose usefulness in settling a desert region with farmers may be neutralised by these destructive little animals unless the United States Biological Survey can find out some means of exterminating them. This dam is part of the Truckee-Carson irrigation system undertaken by the Federal government and now in course of development only a few miles southwest of the Humboldt valley. These field mice have already devastated the alfalfa crop, and, if they begin burrowing (as they will) in the banks of the dam, they will cause a most destructive break. These meadow mice are among the most prolific of…

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