What Atlanta Needs for Fire Protection.

Issue 1 and Volume 44.

What Atlanta Needs for Fire Protection. After the recent big fire in Atlanta, Ga., the South Eastern Tariff association made a thorough investigation into the condition of that city’s fire protection and published its report. It recommends (1) the appointment of “adequate and reliable watchman’s or other approved alarm-service in all important buildings within the firelimits, especially when of special-hazard occupancy.” This implies that, had the alarm been given in proper time or been of the thermostatic types, the fire would have been “confined at least to the building in w’hich it originated,” especially since it was “slow-burning or semi-mill type of construction.” (2) Restrictions limiting the area of buildings within fire-walls “except where adequate inside fire protection, such as automatic sprinklers, has been provided,” should be adopted and enforced. The large unbroken floor-area of the Schlesingcr building (19,500 sq. ft.) filled with combustible material, coupled with the delayed alarm…

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