Automobiles For Firemen.

Issue 2 and Volume 44.

Automobiles For Firemen. The salvage corps of Newark, N. J., has contracted for an automobile—a specially designed locomobile salvage car—to be supplied by the Greene Motor Car company, of Newark,. The car is now being built at Bridgeport, Conn., and delivery is to be made on July 17. The new car will be capable of a speed of 60 miles an hour, and it will respond to all alarms in the city. The horse-drawn wagons will still be kept in reserve and used only for alarms, while the motor is out. The car is to be driven by one of the members of the corps. The new piece of apparatus will be one of the most powerful motor vehicles manufactured. It is rated at 60horsepower, the cylin der of the 4-cylinder motor being each of 5in. bore by 6-in. stroke. The car will be doublei chain driven; it will have…

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