Issue 2 and Volume 44.

METERAGE. According to Chief Meter Inspector Saunders, of Columbus, Ohio, there are fully 600 meters located in backyards, where there are no cellars, and, under such conditions, it is simply impossible to insure their correctness. The department now proposes a change of policy, and is getting a list of the meters. If they arc not put in better places, no attention will hereafter be paid to complaints on the readings. Headings of the meter which has been installed at the Eric Railroad station in Orange indicate that the company is using practically twice the amount of water to which it is entitled by its agreement with the city—the meter showing an average consumption of 15,553 gal. a day. The quantity of water used by the Erie as well as that supplied other companies and institutions by various agreements without compensation was referred to in the annual report of the water…

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