United States Steel Corporation Burned at Shelby.

Issue 2 and Volume 44.

United States Steel Corporation Burned at Shelby. Shelby, Ohio, is a small city of about 5,500 inhabitants and a fire-area of 3,840 acres. Its mercantile buildings generally are 3-story; its private residences, 2-story and of wood, with wooden roofs. It has a mixed fire department, under Chief E. A. Johnson, of which about two-thirds are volunteers. They are well drilled and under good discipline and are summoned by a fire-bell and whistle. For extinguishing fire the chief reliance is placed upon hydrant pressure, the pressure at the hydrants, of which there are about 112 being too lb. The principal industry of the place is the United States Steel Corporation company, situated in the southwest portion of the city. Its plant occupies a space of from 6 to 8 acres and is made of buildings from i-story to 3, and constructed chiefly of brick and steel. Some of these buildings are…

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