Issue 2 and Volume 44.

CORRESPONDENCE. INSURANCE MEN vs. PORTLAND. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: The fire insurance companies doing business in Portland, Me., have apparently of late been doing their very best not only to create a feeling against Chief Eldridge and his firemen (an amiable design, the fruition of which, fortunately for the city, has been set at naught by the citizens themselves, who, unasked, have testified in the strongest terms to the chief’s competency as a fireman and the efficiency of the fire department as a body), and to lay upon the people of the city and the water company unreasonable burdens too heavy for either to bear. These last are in the way of increased fire insurance rates and insistence upon the water company that it must give an ideal service. The company’s charter imposes upon the company only the obligation that it shall furnish free of cost all the water…

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