Greater New York Fire News.

Issue 2 and Volume 44.

Greater New York Fire News. The New York Tribune, in commenting editorially on the installation of the auxiliary highpressure system for fire-extinguishment in this city makes the following significant remark: “The hose becomes an even more important item than ever before. It will do the city little good to have a pumping system equal to supplying 300 or 500-lb. pressure, if, because of the poor condition of the hose, the fire department is afraid to use it freely.” The Tribune has not forgotten the Scanned hose or the more recent Windsor hose, and the disastrous effects consequent on its use at more than one recent fire and not least at that in the Parker building in Fourth avenue, Manhattan.—Battalion Chief Joseph A. O’Connor, who is 56 years old, will retire from the fire department on July 15. He has been in command of the Twelfth battalion, with headquarters at Lexington…

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