Water Litigation.

Issue 8 and Volume 44.

Water Litigation. Lebanon, Pa., may yet secure the pipe line which a recent vote decided against. The water authorities believe they have made a discovery that will enable city councils to invest money in a larger pipe line from the dams to the city. The plan involves legal questions that have been referred to City Solicitor Walter C. Graeff for solution which they believe will confirm the view they take. The pipe line asked of the voters at the special election was to cost $110,000 of the $240,000 loan. To get that amount the consent of the voters had to be secured, it was supposed. In looking over an opinion of Former City Solicitor Eugene D. Siegrist, they discovered that the debt capacity of 2 per cent, of the city’s valuation, which councils may contract, is not exhausted by the sum of $125,000. It was supposed that tin. entire 2…

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