Issue 8 and Volume 44.

METERAGE. Applications for meters are being made at Hancock, Mich., and the city may soon be compelled to increase its supply on hand. An increase of 596 meters during the year ending June 30 is shown by the annual report of Chief Engineer Leisen at Wilmington, Del. The total number now in use is 4,949. where there was but one family. It is claimed that these people who have a flat rate are wasting water, and their supply ought to be metered also; but if this is so, they are certainly paying dear for the privilege, as a comparison of the rates will show. Slightly over half of the consumers have metered water. A new waterworks ordinance has been introduced at St. Paul, Minn., increasing the minimum rate from $3 to $4 annually, the collections to be made quarterly. The meter rates are 30 cents per 1,000 for the first…

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