Pumping Machinery Items.

Issue 8 and Volume 44.

Pumping Machinery Items. A satisfactory report has been made by the Commercial Club’s committee of the pumping stations at Fort Wayne, Ind. The tour was the result of the recent alarm over scanty water supply when the south-side pumping station was put out of commission by an electrical storm, and the examination was thorough. Upon the committee are a number of fire insurance experts, and they unhesitatingly say that in their opinion Fort Wayne is protected against a conflagration by the water supply available and the pumping stations now equiped. The No. 1 station on the north side, which has been given a thorough overhauling during the construction of the municipal lighting plant, is now in a position where it could be connected up in emergency, and will be put in regular commission within a short time. At the VattBuren street station the pump is in operation, and its capacliy…

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